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Confessions of a Las Vegas! Poker Junkie
Sunday, January 2, 2005
Happy New Year
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Afroman - Colt 45
Just a quickie. Happy New Year!

ps. won the tournament friday, hit a $130 2 teamer for $468 - you could say its been a good weekend!

Gott go, I gots me some company......


Posted by J at 8:19 AM PST
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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Stuff You might Need For Later
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: American Hi Fi - Another Perfect Day
Take away the right to say "f**k" and you take away the right to say "f**k the government!".
-- Lenny Bruce

Do you wake up in the morning feeling sleepy and grumpy? Then you must be Snow White.
-- David Frost

An American girl hit on me in a club and asked me to make her an Egyptian princess. So I threw a sheet over her head and told her to be quiet.
-- Ahmed Ahmed

I bet a lot of mimes choke to death because nobody believes they're really choking.
-- John Gephart

Yes, time flies. And where did it leave you? Old too too late.
-- Mike Tyson

I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I only lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three.
-- Elayne Boosler

Skill is successfully walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls. Intelligence is not trying.
-- Anonymous

Posted by J at 2:28 AM PST
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Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Jay Z - 99 Problems
ps. Laundrys done.

Posted by J at 2:14 AM PST
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Poker's Taking off at the Bay
Now Playing: 3am Sportscenter
The Jazz are pitiful, I just want to get that out of the way right off.

I came into 2 games on Monday, a first I believe. We had been lucky to spread a game in the last 2 months. I had been getting alot of days off. kinda kills the check, you know?

Both games were very soft, all you had to do was wait for good cards. Not too much action so it was easy to steal the pot, even when your cards didn't hit.

I'm thinking mid January would be good for another Vegas trip. The action there was just too much fun to miss for more than a month or two. I hope Carrot Top is gone from the MGM before then.

Whatever happened to Dennis Miller? He used to be funny, but he has turned into this news automaton that is almost too painful to watch. Oh wait, it is!

Thoughts are with the tens of thousands who lost their lives around the Indian ocean in the huge waves. Mind numbing to even think about.


Posted by J at 2:12 AM PST
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Monday, December 27, 2004
I Still Cant Catch This Guy!
Mood:  hungry
I am close, but not quite there. Here are the current standings for my fantasy league team. I am in second place, behind the leader by 140 or so.

RK Your League 12/26 Total Prize
1 a lost in space 159 5865.5 2023.5 TSNP Back
2 one2ruplayas 137 5721.5 2167.5 TSNP Back
3 Hard Knock's 232 5200 2689 TSNP Back
4 Kiss Of Death 162 5132 2757 TSNP Back
5 Leonardo 91 5023.5 2865.5 TSNP Back
6 TOP GUNZZ 67 4924.5 2964.5 TSNP Back
7 blizzards 166 4861 3028 TSNP Back
8 commandos 116 4681.5 3207.5 TSNP Back
9 cavs 114 4538.5 3350.5 TSNP Back
10 Byrant Did DO i 74 4454.5 3434.5 TSNP Back
11 Brick City Slam 88 4364 3525 TSNP Back
12 Moonknightt 137 4103.5 3785.5 TSNP Back
13 Poopoocaca 124 3828 4061 TSNP Back
14 gappers jumpbal 52 3731.5 4157.5 TSNP Back
15 Warriors101 144 3628.5 4260.5 TSNP Back
16 pimpin 0 3392 4497 TSNP Back
17 WARRIORS 124 3387 4502 TSNP Back
18 tmen111 38 3083 4806 TSNP Back
19 hoopers 0 0 7889 TSNP Back
19 "bANgerS" 0 0 7889 TSNP Back

My Current Fantasy Roster:

Wade, Dwyane MIA 12/27 ATL 23.6 5.6 7.4 0.0 1170.5 $8,240,000
Hinrich, Kirk CHI 12/28 NJ 15.0 3.8 6.7 33.0 781.0 $6,330,000
James, LeBron CLE 12/28@ATL 24.6 6.8 6.9 65.5 1292.5 $9,720,000
Chandler, Tyson CHI 12/28 NJ 8.6 9.5 0.9 20.0 651.0 $3,710,000
Okur, Mehmet UTA 12/27 SEA 12.5 7.2 1.8 0.0 684.0 $4,310,000
LaFrentz, Raef BOS 12/28@DAL 10.4 8.2 1.1 18.5 659.0 $3,480,000

Posted by J at 7:22 PM PST
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Laundry Sucks
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Jazz vs Sonics - tied at the half
Laundry is not the first thing I wanted to do when I finally got out of bed today. Oh well.

Posted by J at 7:11 PM PST
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Christmas and Poker - What a Combo!
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Jazz vs. Sonics - 2nd Qtr 36-28 Sonics
WOW! The jazz really look bad. Really bad. Too many turnovers. I'm still getting used to the idea that Seattle is a good team, since they haven't done anything noteworthy since Shawn Kemp was under 300 lbs.

Christmas is finally over, and I am not the least bit sorry. No more pressure I guess. I was dreading working this past weekend because I thought it would be slow. Instead, we were reasonably busy and the money was real good.

The last hand of the night early morning Sunday was kind of exciting. Not only does 'L' pull four deuces, but he hits $500 on the wheel too. He is a class act in my book, because he gave out over $100 of his winnings to the dealers and other players at the table.

Poker play and sports has been good this weekend also. I only made 1 bet this week, $110 on the Patriots. Winner! It made up for my only loss of the weekend - playing poker at the Rainbow and losing $100 the same day. Had to try it again since I made a quick 300 the day before. I had one of those hands that I will remember for a long time.... KJ of diamonds, I flopped 2 kings and a 3 (2 hearts). Slow played it, and caught the jack of hearts on the river to make the absolute nuts (Kings full of Jacks). The hand wasn't remarkable except that this poor kid made the nut flush on the river and thought he was the best hand. Rainbow allows unlimited raises when heads up, and I'll be damned if this idiot raised and re raised me until he was all in. It should have been an $80 pot, but he jacked ut up to about $200 in no time. Thanks dude, whoever you are.

I want to send out a special thank you to everyone who helped make my Christmas a good one. You all know who you are!


Posted by J at 7:01 PM PST
Updated: Monday, December 27, 2004 7:03 PM PST
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
The names have been removed to screw the guilty out of any further glory...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line
This is pretty much verbatim from the incident report I filed at work. Sorry its been awhile since my last post, but I've been busy with assorted bullshit like this. I figured that my report would be good reading, so for those of you who know the people involved, enjoy.

Sometimes being in management sucks.....

I arrived to start my shift in the Montego Bay poker room at approximately 11:20 pm on Sunday evening, December 19th. I observed that there were two $1-$5 Texas Hold'em games in progress on tables 1 and 3. There were three dealers present: D C, H F and K S.

I proceeded to count the bank with K and then released her to go home for the night. I took her place in the rotation and started dealing the game on table 3 at 12:30 am. I recognized several players including A, T, T's sister (Name Unknown), T's friend L, A R, another player known only as "Mr. Raise", and 1 or 2 others I cannot recall.

The player everyone was calling Mr. Raise was generally playing blind, and raising the pot at every opportunity, basically playing with his eyes closed. He was also winning most every pot. There was a lot of `table talk' going on, and the atmosphere was pretty competitive. Nothing was really out of line, but there was a lot of complaining by most of the players directed at Mr. Raise, due to his unorthodox style of play.

The first comment I heard that was out of line was when L stood up after he and Mr. Raise were heads up in a pot and yelled to Mr. Raise "I am going to beat your ass this time bitch". I stopped play and warned L that any further outbursts like that would not be tolerated. Of course, Mr. Raise won the pot and broke L, who left shortly after. T became involved heads up with Mr. Raise and lost a few hands later. She stood up and yelled at Mr. Raise to "shut the fuck up and don't talk to me." I gave T the same warning I gave L.

T quickly asked me to please tell Mr. Raise not to talk anymore. I explained to her that unless what he was saying was malicious, disrespectful or used foul language, he could talk all he wanted, and if she didn't want to hear him talk, she would have to be the one to leave. After that, the table was pretty quiet for ten minutes or so.

Over the next ten minutes, a few players had lost their money and left table 3, which became shorthanded with only 5 players. The only people left were A, T, T's Sister, A R and Mr. Raise. After a few hands with very little action, A asked me if he could move to the game on table 1. I looked over and quickly counted 7 players in that game. I explained that I was not able to allow him to move because it would be unfair to the rest of the players to allow him to move and leave table 3 with only 4 players and put 8 players on table 1. He became upset and left quickly, muttering loudly that he was going to speak with whomever was in charge of the entire casino because he should be able to sit wherever he wanted, regardless of how many players were at any given table. I found out later that he went and spoke to R in the pit. T and her sister got up and followed him out of the room.

I was left with only A R and Mr. Raise on table 3, so we moved them over to table 1 and closed table 3 for the night. I released H to be off work, but she stayed and waited for an open seat in the game so she could play. I had spoken with both H and D about what had been happening at the table 3 while they were dealing and we all agreed that it was T who was instigating the talk, and that if anyone was being disrespectful it was her. None of us felt Mr. Raise had done anything wrong other than play poker very badly. Granted he received some warnings for language, but it was nothing used in a disrespectful or malicious manner, just lots of adjectives.

There were no further problems after we combined games and I felt that the situation was back to normal (although Mr. Raise was still playing very unorthodox, but the table change seemed to slow his winning streak a little). After about ten more minutes, A came back into the room and demanded to know why I allowed A R and Mr. Raise to move to the other game. I told him that they were the only players left in the other game, so they had first right of refusal to the open seats on table one. He still wanted to play, so we placed him first on the list. Sure enough, Mr. Raise broke another player so I was able to get A back into the game with only a few minutes delay.

About 1 hour later, around 1:45 AM or so, I was dealing when I heard A, seated across the table from me and to the right, call out to F, a player seated directly to my right. A asked F if he knew what "passive aggressive" was and F replied that he did. A then asked him "Don't you think that's a chickenshit way of handling things?" F didn't really answer, and nothing more was said between them.

The remarks from A struck me as very odd, because he and F weren't conversing otherwise. I didn't say anything until about 10 minutes later when D relieved me in the dealer's box. I went to my locker for a minute and then sat down behind A. As soon as I had his attention I quietly asked him about his comment and whether it was directed towards me. He said that it was and that I should have kicked out Mr. Raise because he was "disrespecting women". I had not seen anything like that happening, and I told him so. I apologized for not letting him move to the other table and tried to explain why. He cut me off and called me a "spineless chickenshit". I immediately stood up and walked away. As I was walking off, he raised his voice and called me "chickenshit" again. I immediately returned and quietly explained that one more outburst like that and he would be removed from the poker room, and very quickly. He didn't reply, and didn't say anything further to me until he got up from the table about an hour later.

T had returned to the room a few minutes before his outburst. After I had warned him and walked away a second time, she sat down behind him. They had a whispered conversation, both of them occasionally looking at me. I briefly considered asking T to leave because she wasn't playing and had been a problem earlier, but decided against it because they were being quiet, and I felt that the situation had passed.

About 20 minutes later T left the room for the night. A continued to play for another hour or so and then left the table. He brought his chips up to the counter. I asked him if I could cash him out, but he said "No, I just need you to call J in security for me." I called J while A moved over to the side of the counter, blocking my exit with his wheelchair. While we were waiting for J, I apologized to A about having a rough night in the poker room. He didn't reply.

J arrived and A immediately turned to him and said "I want to have a witness to hear what I am about to say to Jeff". He then turned to me and raised his voice, telling me that I was the most spineless piece of chickenshit...... I immediately asked J to get him out of the poker room. A protested, but J explained that I was the boss, and if I said he had to go, he had to go. A wouldn't leave, and he continued to shout at me calling me "fucking spineless" and "chickenshit" over and over, mixed in with a few other curse words and accusations. J stepped between us, and I retreated from the counter, my back turned and not saying anything. J called Code 4 on the radio (removal), and another member of security showed up right away. A continued on his tirade, stopping in his tracks a couple of times to call me more names. As they were going down the ramp, I told J that an 86 was warranted also. After A left everything returned to normal, and I finished my shift a few hours later.

I would like to add that A was a good customer, playing lots of hours and generally being a good poker citizen. He had spent the previous week here playing poker all over town, and although he was pretty high maintenance he was generally a liked by everyone. We had a few issues with him the previous weekend regarding things like playing in turn and not slowing the game up. It seemed his favorite thing the first two days was to ask a totally unrelated question every time the action came to him, slowing up the game considerably and irritating several players. I had a very short, friendly conversation with him about it, and he stopped doing it. We had no problems with him for the rest of the week until the above incident.

Posted by J at 7:48 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 7:54 AM PST
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Saturday, December 18, 2004
What A Week
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Sum 41 - Moron
I'm glad its over. Back to the weekend so I can get back to my other true love, Poker. Its been a good weekend, staying real busy. I haven't had any help on grave because of vacations and stuff, but everyone else has pitched in and things are running smoothly.

I got an urge last week, I bet $110 on the Falcons to beat the Raiders by 4 in the first half. I am glad to say that I won. I got another urge this week on the Steelers beating the Giants by at least 7 in the first half today. I hope I'm right

Fantasy Basketball has been going well, I have a decent lineup. I am about 180 pts behind the leader, with 4180. I just cant seem to catch up to this guy, but Ive been down by 200 or so for 2 now. Heres the lineup:

Wade, Dwyane MIA 12/19 ORL 23.0 5.7 7.2 37.0 983.5 $7,940,000
Hinrich, Kirk CHI 12/18 IND 14.8 3.7 7.1 0.0 651.5 $6,320,000
Gasol, Pau MEM 12/19@LAC 18.9 9.0 2.8 31.0 756.0 $7,270,000
Chandler, Tyson CHI 12/18 IND 9.3 9.8 1.0 0.0 570.5 $3,770,000
Okur, Mehmet UTA 12/19@NY 12.2 6.5 1.6 31.0 572.5 $4,220,000
Francis, Steve ORL 12/18 DEN 21.6 6.1 6.9 0.0 866.5 $7,560,000

About 38 Million or so...... Not bad.

Have Fun


PS. $60 Shootout tournament @ Montego Tonight. See you there.

Posted by J at 9:21 AM PST
Updated: Saturday, December 18, 2004 9:24 AM PST
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Friday, December 10, 2004
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Mood:  rushed
Now Playing: Audioslave - I Am The Highway
Wow, what a dream. I just woke up and realized that its time for work already.

Last night ranks up there with some of the strangest. The funniest part is that I have been referring to Kooky Chicks lately. Well, I just realized who their queen is. Well call her 'CL'. As you can guess, she was in playing poker last night. Now, the problem with CL is not that she is a stiff. Just the opposite, in fact. I think I got $30 from her in one round. The money was her stab at trying to excuse her gross misbehavior. I had to clean up no less than 2 drinks off the table, settle one very big shouting match, and decline several invitations to 'go upstairs' after work. Not to mention the 3 customers who came to me privately and asked if I could do anything to shut her up.

Now, I'm a sucker for the money. Money talks. Thats what I'm there for. I could feed you some curdled cheese about the love of the game and making friends and a positive impact on society, but its cash that keeps me coming back. I guess thats what made shutting down 'CL' so hard. I tell ya', there's some sort of moral dilemma every day!

I'm just glad she left without making too much of a scene.

Oh yeah, notice to any employees who may be reading this, QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR HOURS! I'm not getting any either. Jesus! Its Christmas! If its not busier after new years, I may reopen the complaint department, but for now its closed for the holidays.

Not to be totally negative, I have some great news about my daughter Aurie. This last week she started going to the second grade in the mornings for reading (she is in first grade). Way to go girl! I am so proud of her!

One last apology to you faithful readers, I promise I will try to write more. I have to work at it a little more, but I think it will be worth it. This writing stuff is good for the soul.


Posted by J at 10:03 PM PST
Updated: Friday, December 10, 2004 10:07 PM PST
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Thursday, December 9, 2004
More Kooky Chicks?
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Snoop Dogg - From Tha Chuuuch to Da Palace
Wonder Why?...........

Posted by J at 1:21 PM PST
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Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Garbage - Push It

It's a good try...... Do ya think its true?

Posted by J at 9:44 PM PST
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Almost Time to Crash
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Audioslave - Like A Stone
I've tried to keep this blog non political, but I promised these links to a friend....

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida

UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' for Florida E-Vote Count; Irregularities may have awarded 130,000 - 260,000 or more excess votes to Bush in Florida

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked

Anyways, enjoy!


Posted by J at 9:20 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, December 8, 2004 9:22 AM PST
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Tuesday, December 7, 2004
Suspensions and the NBA
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Nickleback - See You at the Show
It seems to me that players are being suspended more and more in both the NBA and organized sports in general. Fights and altercations with fans, flagrantly hard fouls, and poor conduct off the court have all led to a record number of suspensions in the league.

"Cant we all just get along?" - Rodney King, Late 1900's

I wish they'd all just behave, but it seems there is a new level of arrogance and contempt from players and people alike. I think recent problems are directly related to the general attitude of society. I hope the breakdown isn't too severe.

Posted by J at 10:56 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 2004 10:57 PM PST
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Friday, December 3, 2004
Kooky Chicks.... You Know Who You Are.
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Outkast - Decatur Psalm
What a whirlwind week. Vegas is over and I very much wish it wasn't. I described a few things in my last post, but there was so much more. I did realize some of the positives of exploring the city on my own. I got to do everything that I wanted to do that I had time for, and it was all half price, cuz I was just paying for myself.

I will post my first, last and only bitchy post about ESPN Zone here. I think too many companies have taken a name and used it for profit in too many areas. These guys may know food, but they know shit about customer service. I'll start with Tuesday night. I wanted to see the Jazz/Suns game, and I figured where else but the ESPN Zone. Well, I was sorely mistaken. I guess Australian rules football (Rugby for all the dumb asses) is more important than an NBA game that involved the team with the best record in the league and the team that used to play half its home games in Vegas. Thank god they had New York/Atlanta on instead. Well I stayed anyway. Ordered the Salmon and cocktail. Wanted the cocktail first, but I failed to express that desire to my server. Well, I guess she did bring it first, but it took 15+ minutes. Were talking Wild Turkey and Coke here... nothing that requires talent like a blender or shaker or something. PS. It wasn't because the bar was very busy. Alot of people told me I'd have to wait, but I got right in, and there were several empty tables nearby. Anyhow, I get my drink finally, and then more waiting. Finally, I smell my food coming before I actually see the guy. That salmon was so old, it was probably left over from the time when Jesus fed the masses with fish and loaves. I guess he had extra and sold it to espn. The taters were pretty bad too. I choked some down, but I barely ate 1/3 of my plate, and it was a small portion to begin with. I had finished my drink right after my food arrived, and wanted another. I asked one of the other waiters to get me another, thankfully he brought it. I finally saw my waitress. She stopped at the table beside me first, and I heard her apologize to them that she had been on break and that she was sorry everything took so long. She finally stopped at my table with the bill and no apology, I might add. She noticed right away that I hadn't eaten much and asked if it was OK. I told her no, but that I didn't want anything else, I just wanted to go. She took my $ and that was the last I saw her.

Fast forward to lunchtime the next day. I was pretty tired, but I knew I wanted to get something to eat and relax a little before I went to bed. I had noticed that The ESPN Zone had booths with built in tv's that looked pretty comfy, so I decided to give them one more chance. I went in and was greeted right away. As the host was trying to seat me at a regular table, I explained that I wanted to sit at a booth. He told me that it was against policy to seat only one person at a booth, you had to have two or more people. I stopped, looked around and counted at least five empty booths. I turned and told him thanks, but no thanks.

Never going in there again, I can tell you. On a positive note, I went back to the Bellagio where I was staying. Their cafe was pricey, but I had a great tenderloin steak and some of the best Chicken Noodle soup I have ever tasted. It cost me damn near $60 but it was worth it. Kudos to the Bellagio and their excellent service. I got to sit where I wanted too.

Wow, Time for work already. I swear this Vegas Post is gonna take me 4 days. Thats how much fun I had though..... More Later.


Posted by J at 9:44 PM PST
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Wednesday, December 1, 2004
Hello From Vegas
Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: some '80s bubblegum radio station playing wilson phillips or something
Hi from Vegas. The trip has been awesome so far. Poker was a huge success, and I went to see 2 shows. I just got out from seeing George Carlin at the MGM Grand Theater. Not his best work, in fact several people left in the middle of the show. Rita Rudnor was awesome yesterday at New York, NY. I stooped in to see her show then checked out Coyote Ugly for a while and capped it off with 4-8 Hold em at the Bellagio till 1PM - All nighter. More when I get home.... My order is ready here at this Internet cafe, so I gotta go.


Posted by J at 11:08 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, December 1, 2004 11:10 PM PST
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Where to Begin?
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Tenacious D - Tribute
Well, I guess I can start with why I feel lucky. Second place baby! I took second in the Saturday night tournament.... We actually split second 3 ways, but I can still claim it because I had more chips than anyone but the leader, who hat at least 10 times what I had.... The deal we took was pretty good, I walked with over $300 for my troubles.

I had a great night last night playing, making a little over $200 in a very soft 1-5. I probably could have done better, but I had several problems to deal with so my true focus wasn't on playing.

My old buddy, we'll call him 'T' is back in from Montana. I am kidding about buddy, the guy is one of the most annoying people I have ever met. Bad lisp, horrible personality, and doesn't know when to shut up. I will give him the fact that he is an above average player, which makes it even worse. I just hope none of the players try to stomp on him. I would have a moral obligation to prevent it. I last saw him 3 years ago, and I'm serious that it was good he left town when he did, because I knew of a few guys that wanted a piece. I hope he doesn't overstay this time.

The Jazz sorely disappointed me this evening, falling to the Spurs by 35? 37?, I'm not sure. Anything over 30 is just horrible. Please Jazz, please show up and play next game....

As for my bets last night, I thought I had money in the bank, but it wasn't so. Mr Stevie Nash got his head cracked shortly into the 2nd quarter. I ended up missing to bets on the parlay, both the suns and the over. I have to believe that if Nash had stayed in the game Phoenix would have gotten the extra 3 points I needed, and the game would have gone over. I missed the over by 10 or so.

Tried to catch a 2nd half bet on the Jazz tonight, but I missed. Down by 26, I got them -4 the second half. They could've lost by 21 and I would have been a winner. 37 points? I hope Kirilinko isn't hurt too bad. I hope I can remember how to spell his name next time too.

Well, another day in paradise, only 2 more to go, then its Vegas baby, Vegas!


Posted by J at 10:08 PM PST
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Friday, November 26, 2004
Lets Track My Bets Some More
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending / Jazz vs. Rockets / Suns vs. Hornets
Well, I figure its time to put up some more of my bets, since I have been doing pretty well at it lately. I did a 4 team $20 parlay (Pays $240). I have the spurs, Jazz, Suns, and the over on the Suns. I also bet $22 on the first half of the Suns game -7.5. I'll keep you posted as the night goes on.


Posted by J at 6:11 PM PST
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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Gotta get me one of these!
Now Playing: Crazy Town - Butterfly
Whats Happening to this world? Can you believe this?

Posted by J at 2:57 AM PST
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
What has Seattle put in their Wheaties?
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: LFO - Summergirls
Wow, Minnesota is gettin spanked by the Sonics. They lose their first game, then proceed to win 9 straight. Wonder if they can keep it up.

I thought the way the Jazz showed up last night was almost disgraceful, I mean New Orleans hadnt won a game yet. I hope they can show up against the Bulls tomorrow (another winless team).

Minor Poker disaster last night, I got stuck $60 and then the game went down. I did have an enjoyable evening talking to several of Wendovers finest at the bar. Off duty of course. I gotta take my hat off to these guys and girls, they do so much more than we know for society.

Hope you enjoy the shovel. Heres the page that got me there, off


Posted by J at 6:52 PM PST
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